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If you have never heard about this then chances are you are going to ask just what exactly is CMMC. Well, this is an abbreviation for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification which is a standard used in the implementation of cybersecurity that cuts across all the industrial bases. This standard cuts across 300, 000 companies which are all involved in the military supply chain.

The formation of CMMC has been in response to the significant cases in the past that have all led to compromission of the military sensitive information. The past years have seen an increase in the number of breaches to sensitive information within the department of defense.


The increased use of computers and the rise in technology use have all seen an increase in the number of cybercrime cases. As such, it is only essential that one takes the right measures that will help in making sure that information safety is guaranteed.

The department of defense has been one of the most targeted areas with cybercrime cases. The number of people seeking or looking to gain access to the department of defense for various diverse cases has all gone high. This state of things has led the department to look for ways of making sure that they secure whatever information that needs to be kept safe.

Through analysis, it was found that one of the possible channels that can or could be used to gain access to sensitive Department of defense information is through the companies that do business with the department of defense hence the need to tighten things even more.

As a way of reacting to this threat, the department of defense has made it mandatory for all companies working with the department of defense in one way or the other to be CMMC certified. What the CMMC certification means is that a certain company intending to do business with the DoD has satisfied all the safety protocol requirements.

Failing to be certified in this regard will mean automatic disqualification from performing any contracts with the department of defense for any people who are interested in this business. This, therefore, means that any company that wishes to do any kind of business with the department of defense must be able to show proof of CMMC certification from IQC the ISO Pros of Iowa.

Even though CMMC certification is not mandatory it is only right for any business that wishes to do business with the department of defense must be able to show certification on this sensitive and essential issue. At the company level, upholding the CMMC standards means that you will also be able to protect your company from any form of infiltration all aimed at trying to extort information from your company without your consent. Unless you do this, you will always remain vulnerable to any security breach attempts at your company.

For anyone looking to ensure total information safety integrity, CMMC certification is the way for you to go. With this kind of certification from IQC the ISO Pros of Iowa, you will be able to thwart any attempts to breach information from your organization.
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